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Boxed Mac and Cheese!!

…Because we eat boxed mac and cheese around here too. 😉

All year, I’ve done my best to provide you with healthy, yummy and easy real food recipes for you to make for your crew, but let’s face it ladies, sometimes it just has to be done – sometimes we must yank out some boxed food item (with an “Apostrophe N” in it’s name) that will help us get through our busy days.

Let’s face it, ladies. We’re headed into summer, and this means for some of us, the kids will be home ALL. DAY. LONG. And, that means for me that boxed mac ‘n cheese, or what we refer to as “Grandma Macaroni” will be requested every stinking lunchtime. Grandma has brought us cartons of fifty boxes of this stuff from Canada sometimes. Yes, I said FIFTY. And, that’s because I opened up pandora’s box. Now that they’ve tried it, they can’t get enough.

We don’t eat a lot of prepared/processed foods in this house, but this is one thing that I allow. The kind that we love (truly superior) is a white cheddar brand from Canada called “President’s Choice”. There’s no president living around here, but it certainly is the kid’s choice whenever I allow it.

The irony of this pic is that this was taken in the middle of  this food blogger and her photographer feeding it to our kids, while we were busy preparing and snapping the healthier, more “gourmet” stuff for you all. We decided – let’s be real – let’s show the readers what’s REALLY up! This is real life.

Ladies, I know. In the chaos of the baseball or ballet nights, it is bound to happen. (And, on nearly every one of mine and my hubby’s date nights, this is what I leave the babysitter to make for the boys to eat – because it is super easy)

Boxed Mac ‘N Cheese (or, whatever is your boxed guilty pleasure) is a reality of life sometimes, and there’s no judgement. And yes, even the food bloggers…and I bet even some the Food Network stars might even crack open a can of Alpha-getti or one of those packages of Maruchan Ramen Noodles from time to time. Can’t ya just picture Martha Stewart diving into a TV dinner behind her locked walk in closet doors? 😛

So, moms – life is crazy some times. But, you’re doing your best. The fact that you’re visiting this blog spot is a testament to that. I hope you have tried and enjoyed the recipes I’ve provided for you. I hope you feed your fam all the healthy stuff regularly, but on the nights that you’ve gotta do the convenience thing, just serve it along side a few carrot sticks and apple slices to try to rescue the fact that the macaroni/alpha-getti/ramen noodles have about as much nutrition in it as a cardboard box full of styrofoam chips and bubble wrap….

And, do it guilt free.

My prayers are with you, as you continue to do your best for your family! Go get ’em!

I am taking a blogging break this summer (because…kids), but will return this fall with some more fabulous REAL food!! xoxo Danielle


Boxed Mac ‘N Cheese Ingredients:

-Uncooked white refined flour pasta noodles

-some kind of powdery chemical filled “cheese” like substance

-a splash of milk

-a spoonful of butter (if they’re lucky)


Three of the reasons we must indulge in some boxed mac and cheese on occasion…. My two boys, and Rebecca O’Hara’s youngest little superhero.

Photography by: Rebecca O’Hara Photography

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