Lessons I Learned on Letting Go

“Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble. “

Three witches are in a dark cave, casting a terrible curse upon a sailor whose wife offended one of them. They were seeking their revenge…

Unforgiveness – it is an evil poison; a toxic cancer of the heart. It makes us scowl and seethe and seek revenge. It gives us nightmares and steals our sleep. It grits our teeth and grinds our souls.

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If you want toil and trouble, then don’t forgive.Continue reading “Lessons I Learned on Letting Go”

God, you’re telling me to do WHAT!?

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Well, this is a first for me! Today I am featured as a guest blogger on another awesome woman’s blog spot! What an honor! Please read my take on hearing from God, and stepping out to accomplish the dream’s He’s given us! While you’re at it, check out Christine Duncan’s site – you’ll be glad you did! Just clink on the link below.

Precepts and Life Preservers

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