Danielle’s Lessons I Learned (LIL) Podcast – “Mothering” – with Kelly Jankowski

This week I pick the brain of my friend, Kelly on all things mothering! I don’t know about you, but I aim to surround myself with people that will make me better – especially a better mom. And, in the short time I’ve known her, Kelly’s wisdom and example has indeed made me a better mom. This is the final episode of this first season’s podcast. I hope you’ve enjoyed listening, and that the conversations have added value to your life!

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Podcast: Lessons I Learned from Angela Mercer

Today’s podcast interview is with the amazingly fun and talented Angela Mercer! We will be discussing the great need for belonging that women have, and the importance of building community around us. Angela currently lives in Komoka, a cute, little town outside of London, Ontario where her and her husband serve as campus pastors at Gateway Church. They have been serving side by side in ministry together for almost 20 years. Angela just really loves PEOPLE. Her heart is for people to really grasp how loved they are by a God who is not distant or angry but is close and in love with His children. She loves coffee, a good DIY project and spending time with her fun loving teenagers Isaac and Michaela.

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Danielle’s LIL Podcast Ep9 – “Shame” – with Steve Geyer

This week’s podcast covers a topic that will hit home with many. Funny man, Steve Geyer shares his not-so-laughable struggle with shame, and then gives insight into how he was able to remove that mask, show the world his real self and become “Shame-less”. If you battle similar feelings of embarrassment or shame about your past or who you truly are, or are feeling like you’re not enough, tune in for some encouragement and practical tools to help you be shame-less too.

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