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Danielle begins helping businesses and corporate settings with their inter-office relationships!

Danielle Macaulay is a widely known author, blogger, speaker, podcaster, television personality and teacher. Whether it is across the airwaves, for a large audience of women or a small corporate setting, and whether a religious or secular multi-faith environment, Danielle’s passion and focus is to help people build healthy, thriving relationships. 

Through her years of mentoring and pastoring groups of people alongside her husband, as well as her involvement in marriage enrichment TV program, “A Better Us”, Danielle has gathered the wisdom and practical insights to be able to teach how to be our best self so that we can support and cheer others on.

Danielle tackles taboo and often undealt with topics like jealousy, competition, insecurity, resentment and prejudgement. She likens those things to a “Cold War” that wreaks havoc under the surface, often destroying relationships and infecting workplace environments. She focuses on healthy and productive conflict resolution that can make individuals, groups and corporate teams also become “A Better Us”. 

While her thought processes and life are informed by her strong faith, if you’re in a multi-faith or secular environment like an office or business, she is able to address these topics without offending anyone or even referencing religion if that is your desire!

Danielle would be thrilled to come encourage and inspire your group to rally together to create a place where everyone wants to be, understanding that they are all on the same team!

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