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Danielle’s Lessons I Learned (LIL) Podcast – “Mothering” – with Kelly Jankowski

This week I pick the brain of my friend, Kelly on all things mothering! I don’t know about you, but I aim to surround myself with people that will make me better – especially a better mom. And, in the short time I’ve known her, Kelly’s wisdom and example has indeed made me a better mom. This is the final episode of this first season’s podcast. I hope you’ve enjoyed listening, and that the conversations have added value to your life!

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Kelly was born and raised in West Seneca, NY. After graduating from high school, she then went on to receive her diploma in Biblical Studies and Worship Leading from Elim Bible Institute in Lima, NY.She met her husband Peter in 2004 while serving in worship ministry. They were married in 2006 and now have two beautiful, lively boys, Samuel and Isaac.Kelly has been leading worship in various ministries since 2001. After serving as an assistant worship director, she then took on the role of Worship Director at Life Church Buffalo in 2006 when the church began. The call of God has taken the Jankowski family from Buffalo, NY, to Columbus, Ohio, and now back to Buffalo again. Kelly has a passion for the presence of God and loves leading people in worship. She loves God, people, and CAKE! (A Paula’s doughnut would be a close second to cake!)

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