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Ep 007 Margaret Gibb

This week’s podcast features Margaret Gibb, founder and executive director of “Women Together”, a Canadian organization that equips women to serve and lead globally. Margaret shares with us the importance of being a continual learner – especially as a leader! Tune in!

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Margaret is a visionary, an encourager, and a champion of women everywhere. She is a graduate of Eastern Pentecostal Bible College and served in pastoral ministry with her late husband, Bob, for 25 years. Margaret led Women Alive, an interdenominational ministry to women and teen girls in Canada, for 10 years. In October 2011, she founded Women Together. Since November 2010, Margaret has ministered to women in Ukraine, Uganda, Kenya, India, Philippines, Brazil, and Argentina. In February 2014, Margaret was listed as one of 100 Fantastic Canadian Christian Women Leaders by Bridgeway Foundation.

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