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Lessons I Learned in the Shower

Have you ever tried a new taco joint, lip gloss or gripping new novel, was blown away and told someone “You HAVE to try this!?”

That is totally me! I’m sure you’re the same. When you experience something really good, you want to share it with everyone – especially the ones you love. You want them to benefit from it too. Besides life changing tacos, I have a couple doctors who have totally altered my family’s life. They have helped me tremendously with certain aspects of my health. Whenever I hear that someone is suffering in the same way, I am quick to speak up, because I know that not everyone will know about the specific treatment I’ve received.

Rinsing Revelations

One morning in the shower as I ran my fingers through my hair to rinse the conditioner, I recalled a lady I knew who has a young daughter with long hair. She was explaining her struggle with getting her to brush her hair, because it was always so tangled. Through screams, there would be a fight every time she brushed it.

So, get this gals – this woman had never ever heard about conditioner! What!? I mean, how is that even possible these days!? I felt for the little girl! There was such a simple and obvious solution, but it somehow hadn’t reached their fingertips yet. They were in the dark, and struggling because of it.

As I rinsed and repeated, it hit me that it is completely the same way when it comes to truly knowing – and not knowing about God. So many people have yet to really experience the benefit of what it’s like to live their lives “conditioned” by Him, even though there’s many people around them enjoying His blessings. There are multitudes out there, not just with split ends, but broken lives. But, there is a simple solution – and I know about it, because I’ve been mended.

This convicts me. “Why am I so quick to tell others about my medical doctors, and not my spiritual doctor?“, I ask myself. So many people still don’t really know how my spiritual doctor has categorically altered my life for good.  Too many times I have kept others in the dark about how much less painful and tangled their life could be. Why is sharing the Gospel so scary? After all, it really simply is…good news. And, does good news ever ruin anybody’s day?

A bottle of Pantene is the rescue for ailing split ends and a skilled chiropractor is the answer to an aching back, but God is the fix for every broken thing. He is waiting to help. He is wanting to soothe. He is able to heal.

So friends, if you’re feeling like your life is a tangled mess, or simply want it to run more smoothly – know that there is an answer. God is the remedy for bruised relationships, crushed spirits and aching hearts. Be open to the possibility that God can “condition” your life, untangle the knots and make it better. He isn’t waiting to beat you down for the mistakes you’ve knotted yourself up in. He is wanting to pick you up, dust you off and unravel you from the mess. Run to Him – not from Him.

And ladies, if your “spiritual doctor” has already performed miracles on you, be quick to share that good news with others! He really is the cure people are searching for! Ultimately, it is up to each individual if they are going to keep God on the shelf. No need to push a product or a person. All I know is, that when we are passionate about the things that enhance our life, other’s lives will be blessed as a result – and that is very good news.

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