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Lessons I learned from Pam Farrel – Part 2!

Last week we had the pleasure to learn a bit about Pam Farrel, and how her and her hubby keep their marriage strong and healthy. This week, we spice things up, and Pam gives us a recipe and some food education that is sure to heat up you and your spouse! Most of us associate chocolate and strawberries as the typical romantic treat, but just wait until you read up on all the ingredients in Pam’s spicy and juicy burger. Have a spicy Valentine’s Day, everyone! 😉


Pam’s Spicy Grilled Burgers

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. My grandmother said it—and yours likely did too.
Nothing says “I adore you” to your husband like making his favorite meal! Is there such a thing as sexier foods? In my book, Red Hot Romance Tips for Women, I share 26 traits that make us a more loving wife. And one of those traits is to be an informed lover with a heart for the kitchen. (This is just one of the many reasons I love Danielle’s blog!)

Sexologist Ava Cadell, PhD says, “Some foods lower inhibitions some get the blood flowing directly to [certain body parts] …and some foods release happy hormones.” Basically a food that is good for your heart will also be good for your sexual performance! “A diet that’s healthy for you overall will be healthy for your sex life,” says Julie Walsh, MSRD, spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association. Let’s look at some nutritional aphrodisiacs then give you a few ideas how to be a yummy wife by making some delectable treats for the husband you love. Physical hunger and sexual need are both appetites that need feeding!
At Love Wise, I have a long list of yummy aphrodisiacs, but in this blog, we will look at one many men rank as their favorite: Protein!
Proteins are vital for building muscle mass in a man, which translates into rising testosterone levels increasing his ability to sustain his physical interest in you!
♥ Red meat: Steak- A Food and Wellness editor contends that “When a man sees you take control of a steak, it’ll make him think of you taking control in the bedroom later on, and what’s sexier than that?” The sound of steak sizzling on the grill is like a sound spark for sexuality for a male! Ribs- This is a fun food to set the mood as you two lick the sauce from your fingers. It is also a Biblical reminder that woman was made from a man’s rib. Lamb has also been proven to raise testosterone levels.
♥ Oysters- These goodies have a history of being a sexy meal, so just serving them will alert your man you are ready and willing. They are also high in zinc increasing sperm and testosterone and contain dopamine a hormone known to increase libido.
♥ Nuts and seeds contain the healthy monounsaturated fats for the good kind of cholesterol your body needs for good heart health and a strong sex life. In ancient Rome, newlyweds were showered with walnuts, a symbol of fertility. Jennifer R. Berman, MD, adds, “Almonds are nutrient-dense and rich in several trace minerals that are important for sexual health and reproduction, such as zinc, selenium, and vitamin E. Zinc helps enhance libido and sexual desire.” Brazil nuts can safeguard from colon and prostate cancer.
♥ Coldwater fish: Salmon, mackerel, sardines, and tuna contain omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA which help to raise dopamine levels in the brain that trigger arousal.
♥ Turkey and chicken: These lean meats will keep him heart healthy! Turkey ‘s high protein content helps maintain optimal levels of testosterone protecting men from a decline in sexual desire and high testosterone levels usually result in increased sexual function.

When I asked my husband, and co-author of Red Hot Monogamy, “What is your favorite protein dish I create for you?” His answer took about 2 seconds, “Sexy Spicy Grilled Burgers!” These, of course, are made even sexier if your guy gets to grill them on his big barbeque while you compliment his powerful grillin’ skills!


Your man’s favorite ground meat (beef; buffalo; bacon-beef; wild game; turkey)
Your man’s favorite soft cheese (my guy favors blue cheese, but almost any cheese will work) Pepper Jack cheese (sliced to top burger) Dairy brings bone- building calcium and is a source of leucine, a muscle-building amino acid.
Hot pepper jelly (There are many options so think about what your husband’s favorite fruit might be then locate unique hot pepper jelly in a flavor he enjoys (I have found WE Olive has many options) . [Side note: According to a University of California study, strawberries may be tied to high sperm counts in men. Blueberries and blackberries, watermelon have a “Viagra” effect on blood vessels. Citrus and tropical fruits mentally connect us to climates that are hot and steamy. In addition, passion fruit (appropriately named), citrus and tropical fruits are super-rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and folic acid — all of which are essential for reproductive health. Pomegranate is rich in vitamins and natural antioxidants boost sex drive so hot pepper jellies with a fruit base have extra benefits) Plus, red bell peppers are an excellent source of beta-carotene, lutein, and vitamin C. These nutrients may lower your odds of developing an enlarged prostate.
Avocados: Aztecs called these plants a “testicle tree”. Science has shown it is powerful to ward off heart disease (and men with heart disease are twice as likely to suffer from E.D.– so slice it up and bring on the guacamole!
Spinach is a good source of folate which opens blood vessels enhancing the sex life and contains nutrients to protect against cataracts and age-related eye disease—so he will be able to see even longer that he married a Red Hot Wife!
Egg, a symbol of fertility, contains L-arginine which combats male ED.
Chiles and cayenne: Anything spicy will raise your heart rate, stimulate nerve endings, and release of endorphins producing a natural “feeling good” mood.
Garlic, onions, scallions and chives are alliums giving stamina. (These also stir up your senses— but for love making, be sure you BOTH eat these strong smelling but good-for-you foods!)
Mix ground meat, chopped spinach, your husband’s favorite cheese, peppers, chilies, and other favorite spices in a bowl. Add in one egg to bond ingredients.

Grill patties, (and if you’d like, also grill up some of the onions as slices) and top with pepper jack cheese, hot pepper jelly, lettuce, tomato (historically nicknamed the “love-apple”, tomatoes are linked to protecting from some cancers).
Slide patty and toppings between your man’s favorite bun (to help the bun hold up, grill or toast it)

Served with a side dish like grilled sweet potatoes slices which are rich in potassium, lowering high blood pressure, which lowers risk for male E.D. (You can simply slice up the potato, and glaze with a little Extra Virgin Olive oil (and try out dusting them with cayenne and smoked paprika for that extra kick of spice– or simply pick up some healthy veggie chips—and an extra bonus if they have truffle oil as an ingredient as truffles resemble the male pheromone making your husband more eye-catching and you more receptive to his overtures.
Keep love sizzling! Bon Appetite!

Pam Farrel has been happily married to Bill for 38 years. Pam shares, “I wasn’t a great cook when we married, but I kept listening to Bill, making notes of his likes, and now a few decades later, I hear him bragging on my accumulated culinary skills. I grew up on my grandparents farm and I can still hear her great advice ringing in my ears, “A man happy at the table is more likely to make you happy behind closed doors.” My grandparents were happily married 60 years! Join Pam’s Red Hot Wife Challenge: 26 days to a more loving marriage or grab a copy of Bill and Pam’s Red Hot Monogamy, a 8 week guide to keep your marriage sizzling. www.Love-Wise.com

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