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Lessons I learned from Ryanna Battiste

I met Ryanna through her amazing family. The Gamble Family (Gam Fam, as we like to say) were faithful members of the church we pastored in Greenwich, CT. This unique family of 8 are one of, if not THE most lively families we know. To be with them is pure entertainment. I truly think they could be the next big hit if they made their own reality TV show. I’d watch – with popcorn, and a tissue for wiping my tears of laughter. Not only are they hysterical, but they are also hard workers, passionate about anything they do and their generosity knows no end. It’s no surprise to me that Ryanna now has a thriving business helping others achieve health and wellness in a fun and distinctive way. I have used Ryanna’s website (The New School Kitchen) as a tool to find healthy recipes, learn from her vast knowledge about food and the human body and enjoy a chuckle along the way. The Gambles were the very first ones to introduce me to Kefir years before it was a thing (I was like “what the heck is THAT!?”), and now her website sells the darned stuff! Just got some in the mail the other day. Her cooking videos are a window into her funky style and personality and have been very helpful to me. Because Dan and I travel so much, and often find ourselves in not so ideal eating situations (ahem, McDonalds), I SO appreciated this blog entry that Ryanna shared to help educate and inspire eating real food while on the road. Since first reading this post, we’ve actively applied her tips and they have made all the difference. Here is the link below in red. I hope you enjoy, and snatch up some of her advice too!…

Top 4 Real Food Travel Tips

Lessons I Learned On Changing My Mind About Her

Let’s face it – girls aren’t always made of sugar and spice and everything nice. In fact, sometimes we can be downright mean. Other times we find ourselves caught up in competition with one another, being judgmental, bitter feelings, jealousy and insecurity. We Christian girls are good at hiding our

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