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My brand new ‘LIL’ Podcast!

I am SO excited to give you my brand new podcast called “Danielle’s ‘Lessons I Learned’ (LIL) Podcast”! Today I’m posting the very first episode and its a fun one! I’m interviewing my husband, recording artist, Dan Macaulay and we’re talking about marriage, real and raw. You haven’t heard us quite like this even if you’re a regular viewer of A Better Us!

I’m posting the YouTube version here, but if you’re a regular “podcast person” you should be able to find my new podcast wherever you get podcasts now or very very soon as various providers process it’s addition into their systems.

To celebrate the launch, I’m giving you ONE NEW PODCAST A DAY for the next 3 days! Then we’ll move to the regular schedule of weekly after that.

For today, one of the main questions I ask Dan here is: “How can women help their men be more interested and engaged in bettering their marriages?” I think you might be surprised by his response!

If you would consider supporting this podcast so I can continue making it moving forward that would mean so much! You can support me for even $4 a month at Patreon (and you’ll get it a week early + some other perks as a thank you too!)

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