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My LIL Podcast Episode 5 – “Getting Over Ourselves” with Wendy Pauls.

Today I’m chatting with an awesome human. Wendy Pauls is one of those gals who just makes you want to be a an awesome human too. Between the laughs, she shares how training for a half Iron Man competition taught her how to get over herself and conquer her fears – and she’ll inspire you to do the same!

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Wendy Pauls envisions a world where classrooms go well beyond four walls, conversations are never hurried and adults remember how to play. As a life coach, Facilitator and TV host, Wendy helps to create “aha” moments for people who are craving change. She is always looking for ways to improve things and thrives on giving people permission to be human – fabulously human. When she’s not “officially coaching”, you will find her working up a sweat at the gym, playing with her three grandchildren or doing research about anything from how to make the best coffee to how to rewire your brain.

Gratitude and satisfaction

Lessons I learned from my Pottery Barn couch

I learned a lot from my couch. Yes, it’s true. That awful, ginormous hunk of ugly that is my overly expensive Pottery Barn couch. It’s the color of poop and it sits in my living room as my daily reminder that the things of this world will never satisfy…and will

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Lessons I Learned From My Mom Fails

“Failure is success in progress” – Albert Einstein Mom guilt is a legit thing – even when you’re doing everything right. I can literally feel guilty for both letting my children play outside in the cold (because, I’d be the worst mother ever for making them shiver) and making them stay

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