Banana Walnut Pancakes

I once read “I can no more understand the totality of God than the pancake I ate for breakfast understands the complexity of me” (Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz)

That quote evokes many (more important) thoughts, but, I’ll admit that one of them is…”geeze, I wish I had pancakes for breakfast!”

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Golden Autumn Carrot Soup

Last month I provided you a few holiday cheats, and that is exactly what I did ALLLL month long – cheat, cheat and cheat some more! I am definitely feeling it’s effects. I’m of the age where I can no longer cheat without consequence. And so, it is time for some clean eating! Although this soup has Autumn in it’s name, it is the perfect way to start off January, and continue all throughout the thick of cold and flu season. The boys and I actually just each finished off a bowl for dinner tonight.

Look – I know this isn’t baked brie, or chocolate cookies, but this soup is delicious, and it’s vegan, as well as gluten and sugar free!

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“Chocolate” Mint Energy Bites

This recipe is the only way I can successfully not eat a sweet for an entire week. Seriously, I may as well be eating Godiva truffles because that’s how much I enjoy them. I whip up a double batch of these often and keep them in the fridge for after dinner cravings or put them in the boy’s lunch for a little treat (they ask me for the “chocolate balls” – hehe there’s zero chocolate in there the way they know it!). Continue reading ““Chocolate” Mint Energy Bites”