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Danielle on 100 Huntley Street

Danielle on 100 Huntley
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Danielle on The 700 Club

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Danielle has written 5 books, recorded an audio book and a video Bible study guide.  (click a book to read more within Amazon)

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A fun Hallmark-inspired event for ladies!



Danielle speaks in a variety of contexts and is highly adaptive to your group. She particularly thrives addressing groups of women, and teen and pre-teen girls; so, women’s retreats, conferences and M.O.P.s groups love her – as do high school and middle school girls! 

She also has begun speaking in Corporate settings, particularly on interpersonal relationships, out of the content of her book, “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?!” with great effect, even in a secular business environment. Past hosts tend to use words for her like “incredible”, “relatable”, “clear”, “concise”, “engaging” and “dynamic”. Click to start a conversation about your event!  


Danielle and her husband Dan are very involved in marriage ministry! Here’s a peek at both their marriage podcast, “Married Up“, and the marriage TV show they are regulars on: A Better Us. More on these aspects of Danielle’s ministry at MarriedUp.net!

Welcome to the Married Up Podcast! God designed marriage and His ideas about how to do it will make you, and your spouse better – and you’ll find you both married up! 

Dan & Danielle are thrilled to be a regular part of the marriage TV show A Better Us. (Nationally broadcast in Canada, and on YouTube) Led by Ron and Ann Mainse, the show features regular guests like: Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott, Gary Chapman, Dave & Ashley Willis, Jimmy Evans and Gary Thomas.

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"Lessons I Learned Podcast"

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Interview with Dan Macaulay: “Marriage”

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Interview with Author Gari Meacham

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“Identity” with Kari Cardinale

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“Shame” with Steve Geyer


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