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Lessons I learned from Sue Keddy

I have learned a many lessons from Sue Keddy. Just watching her live and love are lessons for me.

Sue is a firecracker. She’s a passionate believer in God. She is all in. Sue and her husband Jim (and awesome sons Curtis and CJ) led the children’s services for the Christian camp I grew up going to. It was there that I fell in love with her, and since then I’ve admired her authentic relationship with Christ and her zeal in sharing with others how that relationship has carried her through life. Sue and Jim were pastors, missionaries and best friends. In her book, “Living Without Jim” (order here), Sue opens up the pages of her journal to share the tragic story of Jim’s death, but how Jesus has become MORE than enough for her! Could he really be all that we need? When things don’t go our way, does that mean He doesn’t love us? Does He really even exist? If so, what implications are there for me? It can often be difficult to truly take God at His word. We want cold hard facts, the Bible can seem far fetched and we have the world screaming skepticism in our ears. True faith in God is not for the faint of heart, but it is all your heart really needs. When Sue speaks, I listen. She is brave, and her life is a living testimony of how believing God can usher in peace, strength and truly everything we need. When Sue writes, I believe her. Her words not only increase my faith to believe in God, but truly believe everything He says, and who He is. Here is what she writes about believing God…

Believing God

This whole earthly trek comes down to either believing God or not believing God.
We either believe that He exists or we don’t.
We either believe that nothing is impossible for Him to do, or we don’t.
We either believe that He will do what He’s promised, or we don’t.

When Paul found himself in the middle of a violet hurricane, God sent an angel to tell him that everything was going to work out just fine. He promised Paul that the ship would be destroyed, but that not one life would be lost​,​ and that he would eventually get to where God had destined him to be. Paul stood up in the middle of the worst storm any of them had ever experienced and emphatically declared, “Keep up your courage guys…FOR I BELIEVE GOD!!!!! I know it will happen just as he told me!” (Acts 27:25)

And it did.

When the angel visited Mary and told her she had been chosen to house the Son of God in her womb​,​ she said, “I am The Lords servant. I believe it will happen just as you have said!” In other words, “I BELIEVE GOD, despite how crazy impossible it all sounds!”

Believing God is never easy​.​
It opens the door to criticism and skeptics.
There are always more doubters​,​ than there are supporters.

Noah didn’t have a cheering squad, he had a hundred years worth of mocking – but water pour​ed​ from the sky​ just as God has declared. It wasn’t smooth sailing for Joseph and Mary, it was controversial and dangerous. For the first three years they were on the run, and it took three decades for Jesus to emerge as The Messiah – and even then, even after all the miracles, only a handful believed He was who He claimed to be – but none of that stopped Jesus from doing what He was sent to do. The guys on the ship all thought Paul had lost his mind because it got worse before it got better – and “better” was watching the ship fall apart in the middle of the sea and having to grab on to debris and swim to the shores of an unknown ​​island – but ​- ​what the angel told Paul came true – not one man was lost and Paul ​ended up exactly where he was destined to be.

Believing God is never easy, but it’s always worth it. Always.

Jesus ​says, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Believe in God and believe in me.​” ​ (John 14:1)​​ ​​

Refuse the angst​.
Refuse the doubts.​
Refuse​ the ‘what if’ scenarios​.
Turn a deaf ear to the ​naysayers.
Give the hand to the enemy.
Don’t look at the waves around you, look at ​your Saviors face​.
No matter what it looks like​,​ or feels like​,​ or how long it takes.​…​​no​ matter what anyone says​…​​choose to believe in T​he One who doesn’t lie and who never breaks a promise!​
Choose to believe in The One who is famous for doing the impossible!​ ​Choose to declare – ​​I BELIEVE GOD​ – and you will weather your storm, hold the promise in your arms and see your rainbow…..

​Sue Keddy ❤​

Sue’s Coke Roast

​BELIEVE it or not….this is the best Roast you’ll ever taste! I PROMISE – it will melt in your mouth! All you need is a crock pot and Coke.

Take any cut of beef – even the cheapest ones turn out like a Sirloin Tip​ when you follow this recipe….

Put the roast in your crock pot.
If it’s a 4 – 6 pound roast – pour one can of coke (only coke – not diet coke or a generic Cola – JUST COKE! Believe me!) over the beef. If it’s a 7 – 10 pound roast – pour two cans of coke over the beef. Season it with salt and pepper and any other spice you fancy! I love peri-peri – the hotter the better – but oregano is nice if you want a milder flavor. ​Cut some onions in quarters and carrots in chunks and throw them in pot. You can also cut up some potatoes – but I prefer mashed potatoes with my roast – mashed potatoes with whip cream, loads of butter, jalapeno cream cheese and a dab of sour cream – but if you want a ready made meal, roasted potatoes are perfect. Put the lid on and let it cook on ​low for 8- 10 hours or on high for 4 – 6 hours depending on the size of the roast. This roast will fall apart with a flick of your fork and it makes the best gravy on the planet! Thicken it with a bit of bisto and then add 1/4 cup of whipping cream – and your guests will be licking their plates!!!! BELIEVE ME!!!!​

While your Coke Roast is cooking – take a listen to Kurt Carr’s song  “I BELIEVE GOD” and be prepared for hope to rise up in your spirit.


Sue Keddy currently leads the women of the PAOC district in Southwestern, Ontario. She serves, speaks to, and loves women with her whole heart, so that they can know that JESUS IS ENOUGH!

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