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Podcast: Audio Book Chapter: Misunderstandings

Today’s podcast is a sneak peek into my brand new AUDIO book! Many people have been asking, and so I delivered!

Soon there will be a version of my new book, “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?!” that you can listen to in your car, while you’re running, chopping vegetables or scrubbing floors. This particular chapter discusses one of the things (that we don’t think of) that come between women – nothing at all!! Sometimes what we think is an issue is actually just a misunderstanding. The enemy loves to mess with our minds and make mountains out of molehills. After the chapter is completed, I wrap up with some discussion on the number one way the enemy uses misunderstanding in our lives these days….tune in now!

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Lessons I Learned on Hope

I heard about this experiment once, where two groups of people were asked to submerge their hands into ice water. One group was given an end time. They knew they needed to last for 5 minutes. The other group was not given any time – just hold on as long

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