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Podcast Ep4: Lessons I Learned from Gari Meacham on Redefining Success

Today’s podcast is for EVERYONE! We ALL need to hear what my guest has to say.

I can’t wait for you to hear my conversation with Gari Meacham – we have an important discussion about redefining success. Read what she had to say recently: “Dreams that are bigger than YOUR capacity to fulfill are the God-sized dreams miracles are made of….YOUR dreams and passions are intertwined with other people’s need’s of hope. If you dream of a huge house on a hill with all the fancy trimmings, you may sit in it alone. When our dreams (and need for miracles) stretch beyond our capacity, God does what we can’t when we ask in Him. Dream big and trust even bigger.” As you listen, think about what your dreams and aspirations are, and if they line up, or come remotely close to God’s dreams for you….

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Gari Meacham is a popular speaker and international Bible teacher. She is founder of Truly Fed Ministries, where she developed curriculum for classes that teach God’s freedom from food bondage as well as many other spiritual concepts of prayer and vision. Gari is the author of 8 books, including highly acclaimed Spirit Hunger, and the Spirit Hunger workbook and DVD series. Gari is Founder and President of The Vine Uganda, a haven for women and children in rural African villages.

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