Danielle’s Banana Bread

This easy peasy recipe made it on my eldest son’s list of favorite food his mommy makes (officially, on his mother’s day card to me). This makes me want to make it even more than I do! Because it contains ingredients that are always in my kitchen, and it’s prep time is only 3-5 mins, my boys get to gobble this stuff up nearly weekly as it is. It is perfect for quick morning breakfasts if baked the night before, but nothing beats fresh bread right out of the oven. When it’s eaten warm, it helps me avoid the temptation of layering a thick spread of butter overtop. I’m the first to admit. I have a bread and butter problem. It’s definitely a weakness – I get it from my butter loving mother. I love to freeze extra slices in zip lock bags to grab for school lunches, but I have rarely met a loaf that hasn’t been devoured within a 24 hr period. Continue reading “Danielle’s Banana Bread”