Lessons I Learned From My Mom Fails

“Failure is success in progress” – Albert Einstein

Mom guilt is a legit thing – even when you’re doing everything right. I can literally feel guilty for both letting my children play outside in the cold (because, I’d be the worst mother ever for making them shiver) and making them stay inside in the warmth (because they aren’t getting “fresh air”). I am continually re-evaluating “Am I being too loose-goosey, or am I being too much of a helicopter mom? Which am I!? Someone tell me how to get this right!” No matter what decision we make, it seems to come right along with an addict’s dose of guilt. Mom guilt can be off the charts when we make a mistake. But listen, ladies – we will never be the perfect mom. Not even close. But, there’s someone quite capable who makes up for our deficiencies.

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