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Tara’s Hot Chocolate

Winter isn’t over here. I thought for a bit it was, but in my heart of hearts I know it ain’t so. I’m trying to will spring into existence. The other day it was 60 degrees in Buffalo, NY in January, so it was working for a moment…but now the weather forecast isn’t co-operating with my plan. My husband broke the news to me yesterday – there’s an arctic blast coming from Canada and by the time you receive this post, you’ll be begging for this recipe.

So, the upside is that if you’re anywhere near me, you can whip up this creamy smooth hot chocolate to warm you from the inside out. I feel like us Northerners deserve this. And, if you’re anywhere else, count your blessings and enjoy this anyway. My dear friend, Tara (the best home cook I know) fed my family this delicious drink on a crisp Thanksgiving day at her cottage after some time playing outside in the snow. I instantly became a hot chocolate snob. I made a pact with myself that I’d never again have the packaged stuff, because the extra 2 minutes to make this is worth it a thousand fold. I know you’ll agree.

Tara’s Hot Chocolate

1/3 C Sugar (Up to a half, depending on how sweet you like it)
1/3 C Cocoa
1/3 Warm water
Pinch of salt

4 C milk

1 Tsp vanilla, whipping cream, crushed candy cane

Mix first 4 ingredients in a pot over medium heat until melted and smooth. Slowly add the milk while stirring over medium heat until it’s hot enough for you. Add the vanilla and stir. Top with real whipped cream and crushed candy cane.

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